EP36 - Intelligence Report, Moloch, Creepy Joe Biden and Beaus Death

The worship of Moloch is a common theme of the elites. These practices focus on giving power and wealth to those that follow the demands   for making sacrifice, typically of someone or something that had deep meaning to the follower. Their belief anchors on the principal that Man through the powers granted by Moloch can become a god and challenge the power of God. This practice was common to the Canaanite tribe, and thus it is not surprising that when tracking bloodlines of the Elites that we discover so many of the elite families trace back to the Canaanites. And sacrifice as a practice was apparently so common that it is documented in Genesis with God’s condemnation of the practice when he commanded Abraham to not sacrifice his son. God abhorred human sacrifice, a practice central to worship of Moloch. 


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