EP42 - Intelligence Report, Gabbard, Podesta, a Krishna Cult and the [DS] Politics of Thank a Vet

Tulsi Gabbard is the new face of the Deep State party and she is swooning the naive conservatives and independents. But she is not what she says she is. The war we are now engaged in against a Leftist Progressive ideology, has no respect for the military. They only see the military as a tool to achieve their end goals of total power and total control. The eight years of the insurgent President Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama , working closely with his cabal of American hating agents in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA and across uncounted agencies in the PEOPLEs Federal Government, worked overtime to undermine the constitution, weaken our national defense and plant the seeds of TREASON and Sedition for a new generation of sleeper Democratic Socialists hidden by service in foreign wars and the uniforms of America’s Military branches. This is now the new wave of battle. It is going to challenge us all. 


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