EP57 - SABO, Kilroy and the Art of Information Guerrilla Warfare

listening to honor Gen Flynn today however you are able. We have to move past the hours of sitting at a desk and waging war with Twitter bots. Or sitting with a circle of friends complaining about the trampling of the constitution, loss of gun rights, the rise of the surveillance state, or any other issue bemoaning  our station in life to the few that even will bother to listen. Today is about empowerment. About ways to bring change. About waging war against a corrupt and vile system that has raped the wealth of our nation, pillaged its resources, targeted and crushed the very citizens who fund their demonic schemes, and taking a stand against an evil arrogant foe that pleasures itself in destroying lives and tormenting and destroying God’s greatest gift … our children. We need to wage war. But not just war, but a Guerrilla war of epic proportions.   


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