EP62 - Intelligence Report, Iran, [MOS], Playbook, Biblical, ShillCon-Delta

With the killing of Qasem Soleimani, the Deep State and their lap dogs, the MSM, are in full attack mode… once again… screaming end of the world sky is falling conspiracies, a loss of control in the middle east, the escalation of conflict in Iraq, the crisis that President Trump is now facing of a new world war, and the conspiracy nonsense that POTUS is creating an event to obscure the Crazy Nancy, PedoNadler, and Little Chicken Schiff antics of their election meddling and attempted coup. … And even the latest rocket attacks on the Iraqi air base have fueled more of the hysteria of end of the world and Revelation prophecy even further. Time to breathe. Time to take some perspective. Time to hear some truth… we are all being played.


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